Welcome To TalesOfArdenia.com!

This is the new and improved version of the Tales of Ardenia website, as its previous iteration was with Squarespace, a platform I decided I really didn’t like – and when evidence that company was deplatforming sites it was hosting for political reasons surfaced in late July, it went on my to-do list to move away.

And it made sense to move the site to the WordPress platform, since WordPress is what we use to manage The Hayride – and, additionally, The American Spectator where I’m a columnist. I’ve been working in WordPress for more than a decade, and frankly I’m not interested in learning new things just now with all the projects I’ve got working.

Here you’ll find a compendium of reviews for Animus and Perdition, the two novels already out in the Tales of Ardenia series, news and items of interest regarding Tales of Ardenia, the glossary of people, places and things from the two books, and large maps from the books which should be useful to readers. We all love maps, particularly within the fantasy genre (I myself became engrossed with the Game of Thrones maps and studied them relentlessly while reading the books and watching the TV series), but getting them large enough to really see detail within the pages of a book or on a Kindle isn’t easy. Hopefully here you’ll find them big enough to pore over them properly.

Of course, the site isn’t the end of the Tales of Ardenia web presence. This fall we’re going to be working on a Tales of Ardenia app, which is something I’ve really been surprised not to see much of in my travels. The goal is to present the reader with an interactive experience in presenting the TOA story – combining the digital and audiobook version to offer the opportunity to switch back and forth on a chapter by chapter basis, allowing the reader to immerse himself or herself into the story from the point of view of only one character at a time, and so forth. The app will also allow the reader to access the glossary and map list without losing his or her place in the book, and it’ll have additional features like podcasts, contests and even, eventually, a video game component.

It’ll be something new, and we’ll keep you updated here and at the Tales of Ardenia Facebook page as we progress.

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