Scott McKay

Meet The Author

A veteran of sports and political journalism and punditry, in 2019 Scott McKay branched out into fiction with Animus: A Tale of Ardenia, the first of four books in the Tales of Ardenia series.

Scott’s writing career started all the way back in 1997 with the launch of Purple & Gold, a sports magazine devoted to college athletics at Louisiana State University. Over the eight years Purple & Gold was in existence it grew to over 15,000 subscribers and was known as one of the most comprehensive, well-written and insightful college sports publications in America.

Following a five-year hiatus from writing while pursuing opportunities in sales and entrepreneurship, Scott returned to the written word with the launch of The Hayride, an online publication devoted to Southern politics and culture. It was through that site’s coverage of life and political events in Louisiana and elsewhere that Scott found the inspiration to begin a secondary career as a fiction author.

Animus: A Tale of Ardenia, published in September 2019, and Perdition: A Tale of Ardenia, published in its complete edition in August 2020, are the first two books in the Tales of Ardenia series, a saga of love, hate, war, peace, civilization and savagery intended not just to entertain but to provoke thought about good and evil and the border between the two.

Scott lives in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

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